Summerland Blues


Summerland Blues by Cyrano Johnson

The Summerland should be a paradise – a resort planet designed by one of history’s greatest world-architects, Kan “Sender” Matsuhara. No one has heard from “the Master” in decades and he was assumed dead, but now the crew of the S.S Ecstasy will be the first people to visit his masterpiece.

Time has not been kind to Matsuhara, though; and if he is hiding secrets, then even darker things lurk in the idyllic landscape of the Summerland. A world that at first seems to make dreams come true and sexual fantasies a reality soon turns into a nightmare for crew and passengers alike. But this isn’t the first time Captain Titania Hollander has been in a sticky situation, and you can bet your bottom dollar the Space Princess girls are going to come out fighting.

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Caution: The Space Princess series contains extreme sexual content and graphic depiction of mind control and otherwise dubious consent. Never fear! The crew of the S.S. Ecstasy find strength even in submission and always triumph over adversity.


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