The Fourth Rule


The galaxy is full of wonder and adventure, but it can get cold and lonely in the depths of space. That’s why the gorgeous ladies of Space Princess Entertainment are on a mission of pleasure. No challenge is too big, no planet too distant and no party too wild! Let love rule among the stars!

Captain Titania Hollander is ecstatic to have been put in charge of the S.S. Ecstasy, spreading the Space Princess message across the galaxy. Dressed in her regulation bikini, she knows that she and her crewgirls can take anything that life throws their way. But their first mission to Kathol IV is no cakewalk. The Universal Broadcast Network seems like innocent entertainment for the planet’s television loving populace but with Golden Week approaching, Tania and the rest of the S.S. Ecstasy soon discover the network is hiding dark and degrading secrets.

Caution: The Space Princess series contains extreme sexual content and graphic depiction of mind control and otherwise dubious consent. Never fear! The crew of the S.S. Ecstasy find strength even in submission and always triumph over adversity.

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The Serpent’s Kiss


Mrs Evangline Stone is a celebrated young journalist in Victorian London. Against her family’s wishes, she sails across the Atlantic to Verderosa, the Black Zion, following rumours of White slavery. Verderosa is unique among the Dominions of the British Empire as a land where all men, White and Black, are truly equal. But this is no utopia. As Evie journeys deep into the seamy underbelly of Daltonville, she discovers dark secrets and even darker truths about herself.

The Serpent’s Kiss is a 45,000 word alt history novella inspired by classic Victorian pornography and tinged with the supernatural, Featuring self-discovery, willing submission, corporal punishment and White women being dominated by multiple Black men, it is a must for all fans of interracial erotica. Dare you taste The Serpent’s Kiss!

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Dragon Jade Chronicle: The Warlock And The Warrior

dragon jade chronicle (topless).jpg

The ancient Guild of Sorcerers is weakening and, at their lowest moment, their oldest enemies, the barbaric Dragon Clans, have launched an invasion of the Metropolises of the East. And this time the Clans are winning.

Pol Burr doesn’t know he’s a warlock until he accidentally saves the life of a knight in green armor. Lady Kiera vai Ullan was born to be noble warrior but finds herself captivated by her scoundrel saviour. Brought together through unlikely circumstances, the mismatched pair develop an equally unlikely attraction. But falling in love might be easier than staying alive, especially when they hold the key to defeating the Dragon Clans once and for all.

Dragon Jade Chronicle is a 160,000 word fantasy novel combining sorcerers and sex, princesses and passion, legends and love. With scorching sex scenes, breakneck pace and a surprising amount of heart, this erotic adventure is a must for all epic fantasy fans.

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