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  • Raygun – Outer space action and adventure.



C Hawk


There was one huge market that remained untapped and resistant to the concept of naked mailgirls: the United States. Many thought that the concept would never fly there. The country was too conservative, too prudish about nudity, its labor laws were too restrictive, and there were too many religious and feminist activist groups that would protest and organize boycotts against any American company that dared try such a thing.

I admit that I was one of the people who thought that. As a twenty-five-year-old woman with an MBA degree and on a management fast track working for an American corporation I thought that the Mailgirls concept was absurd and exploitative and mailgirls were misguided and pathetic creatures. And I kept thinking that until the day – after a series of bad decisions based on greed, ambition, and naiveté – I became a naked mailgirl myself.

This is my story.

Confessions Of A Mailgirl is the classic Embarrassed Nude Female (ENF) novel available in a definitive edition for the first time.

Martin Drax

Separate-Ways-Danny (1)Separate-Ways-Harry (1)Separate-Ways-Jim (1)


The Boys Of Colony Theta
Separate Ways: Danny’s Story
Separate Ways: Harry’s Story
Separate Ways: Jim’s Story
The Fourth Plinth: Danny’s Story

Andrasta Y, named after a warrior goddess of the ancient British Iceni tribe, was a sophisticated bio-weapon, a genetically mutated airborne plague that targeted any human that carried a Y chromosome. The virus only caused mild, flu-like symptoms in women but in males it was invariably fatal.

By the year 2457, the population had declined from a peak of over 7 billion down to just over 2 billion people. There were just three men for every ten women but, thanks to the efforts of those running the breeding programs, their numbers were increasing steadily. It simply became a fact of life that in order to have a child, a woman was drafted into the global breeding program and ordered to report to one of the world’s 24 main breeding colonies where she was assigned a donor male to have sex with and then bear his child until it could be born in the safety of the colony.

So it was that what had once been a man’s world had now become a woman’s world. A world into which were born three boys on 15 September 2439 in Breeding Colony Theta. Their names were Danny, Harry and Jim and they were about to embark on their journey to the outside world. A world in which they would be second-class citizens.

These are their stories…

The Boys Of Colony Theta features female domination, male submission, bondage, restraint, corporal punishment, clothed female nude male (CFNM), chastity, orgasm denial and CBT.

Belinda LaPage


Heaven Can Wait

Private investigator Pierra is on the trail of a missing person – a young woman named Becca who disappeared without a trace. She shares with husband Shane her belief that Becca has been abducted to be sold as a sex slave, and her investigations lead her to Heaven Can Wait – a corrupt organisation led by an amoral sociopath.

The truth about Heaven Can Wait, their methods of mind control and transformation, are more stunning than Pierra could have imagined. When she gets too close, Shane races the clock to save her, but will there be anything left of his wife to save?



Dragon Cobolt



Welcome to the Sunder, we’ve got fun and games!

Three thousand years after the Endwar, humanity has dragged itself back from the brink of extinction with grit, determination and the might of the Champions. Robotic avatars of their city-states, Champions are fusions of the most advanced technology and a heroic human soul, designed to withstand the mutagenic dangers of the Sunder.

For the imperialistic, warmongering nation of Korvosa, Champions are apex weapon and propaganda tool all in one. The only problem is their latest Champion, Vengeful Crystallline Hawk 45C, has the soul of a diehard patriot loyal to one of the smaller nations Korvosa conquered two centuries ago. With the body of a bombshell supermodel crossed with walking tank and a head full of democratic ideals, Cee could be the ultimate threat to Korvosa or their ultimate prize.

Torn between past and future, Cee would be in trouble. If she wasn’t an ass-kicking, super-strong, beamsword-slinging, sexy as sin Champion…

Nathan Ravenwood


The Adventures Of Avery Avedaan
The Cordax Mondotta
The Starlight Engine
The Rings Of Zent

Meet Avery Avedaan, galactic treasure hunter and sexual omnivore. An Indiana Jones for the 25th Century!

When Avery and his extraterrestrial crewmates Sharr and Zeeto are hired to find an ancient starship known as the Cordax Mondotta, it only takes minutes for things to spiral out of control. With several people literally gunning for him and alliances shifting at every turn, Avery hurries to find the lost ship… with a few dalliances along the way. However, he soon realizes that there are some things that maybe shouldn’t be found.

The Cordax Mondotta is a 63,000 erotic space opera novella featuring a larger than life adventure hero who has never met a job he couldn’t pull off or an alien he couldn’t seduce. The adventures of Avery Avedaan will continue.

Cyrano Johnson


summerland_nudebacchae_nudePOCKET ROCKETS_nude

flowers of evil_nude

Space Princess
The Fourth Rule FREE!
Ill-Met By Moonlight
The Pegasus Run
Summerland Blues
Day Of The Bacchae 
Pocket Rockets

The galaxy is full of wonder and adventure, but it can get cold and lonely in the depths of space. That’s why the gorgeous ladies of Space Princess Entertainment are on a mission of pleasure. No challenge is too big, no planet too distant and no party too wild! Let love rule among the stars!

Captain Titania Hollander is ecstatic to have been put in charge of the S.S. Ecstasy, spreading the Space Princess message across the galaxy. Dressed in her regulation bikini, she knows that she and her crewgirls can take anything that life throws their way. But their first mission to Kathol IV is no cakewalk. The Universal Broadcast Network seems like innocent entertainment for the planet’s television loving populace but with Golden Week approaching, Tania and the rest of the S.S. Ecstasy soon discover the network is hiding dark and degrading secrets.

Caution: The Space Princess series contains extreme sexual content and graphic depiction of mind control and otherwise dubious consent. Never fear! The crew of the S.S. Ecstasy find strength even in submission and always triumph over adversity.

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