Too Many Bad Days

drinn-cover (1)

Drinn of Fiveoaks has many problems. For instance, the fact that the army he is advising has been encircled by the enemy. Or that he somehow needs to find a guide to take him and his companion Franx the hard way over the mountains. Or – most pressing of all – that he hasn’t had sex in, Gods, what had it been? Four days? Four days and nights, at least, since he’d had a woman.

Could Chiara, a teenage barmaid in a ransacked town, be the answer to all his problems or just a new one?

Too Many Bad Days is a 38,000 word fantasy novella featuring sex, violence, black humour and dark intrigue. This unique take on gritty epic fantasy is for fans of Glen Cook, Steven Erickson and Joe Abercrombie. Drinn and the rest of Raxillene’s rogues will return in Shadowmage.

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The Valkyrie

alorin-cover (2)

Alorin Kaye of Lammorel has a man to kill but first she has a debt to pay. A Seed-Debt. But perhaps she can kill two birds with one stone…

Princess Raxilene wants Lord Whitemar dead. Alorin doesn’t know why and doesn’t care; she’s just an assassin. To get close to him and pay her debt, however, she is going to have to reluctantly play whore. Which means spreading her legs, opening her ears and emptying some balls before slitting any throats.

The Valkyrie is a 32,000 word fantasy novella featuring sex, violence, black humour and dark intrigue. This unique take on gritty epic fantasy is for fans of Glen Cook, Steven Erickson and Joe Abercrombie. Alorin and the rest of Raxillene’s rogues will return.

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Everybody Loves A Bard


Cashel of Tangle Brook is a bard. Not a great bard but still, everybody loves a bard. So why is he squatting in the filth of the Crownport docks, posing as a beggar?

You see, Cashel is also a spy for Princess Raxillene. Usually he’s a pretty good one but that merchant woman with the big sapphire on her finger and the bigger curves in her dress would have distracted anyone. And it is all downhill from there…

Everybody Loves A Bard is a 32,000 word fantasy novella featuring sex, violence, black humour and dark intrigue. Cashel and the rest of Raxillene’s rogues will return. Buy it now or read for free with Kindle Unlimited!

Duel To The Death

Duel To The Death - Final Cover

Duels, assassinations attempts, political intrigue; Adriana graced front pages with fresh scandal each day.

Adriana Challette I, Duchess of Rotham, is in grave danger. Her friend and classmate Lyza Dunwall has revealed herself an enemy, and her rivals rush to take advantage. In an abandoned factory a haphazard alliance is born between new money and old magic, intent on restoring a forgotten covenant. Meanwhile, a father’s rebel legacy bears rotten fruit, and a revolution is reborn.

Lyza herself is drawn into the darkest corners of the Rotham underworld in pursuit of revenge. Who are her true friends and who are those merely seeking to use her as a pawn? She must navigate these dangerous currents, whilst coming to terms with the secret of her own past.

As the restless dead seek their own restitution, uncaring for what the living pay, the city becomes a maelstrom, and in the eye lies the rivalry between Adriana and Lyza. The outcome of their enmity could put Rotham to the torch.

Duel To The Death by AW Freyr explores the world of violent conspiracy, political intrigue and erotic conflict begun in Fencing Academy. The Dark Water series will continue with Depths Of Vengeance.

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The Squab Fiends


Elizabeth Herbert is as free as any woman can be in Victorian England. An alluring widow with fortune, connections and an appetite for new experience, her search for her old lover John Maginn will lead her into adventures which stretch her credulity and sexuality. When two scientists pull Maginn from the side of a Channel steamship in 1862, he bears little resemblance to the dilettante who left England seven years before. Exiled by his Herbert’s husband, left for dead on a battlefield in India and battling constant pain and an addiction to opium, it seems the fates have conspired to make his existence intolerable.

Damodar Rao has been raised to rule, every moment of his childhood and adolescence carefully controlled to prepare him for a great future. Arriving on English soil after his guardian disappears, a happy accident will open his eyes to becoming a prince among women, without violence or responsibility. Together the trio must keep transform themselves by rejecting their dark pasts and dependencies. Determined to take control of their destinies and using progress as their weapon against superstition, they discover that to be truly free, they must fight an elite occultist movement, while warring against their own desires.

A devilish blend of history and fantasy, The Squab Fiends is the debut novel from Victoria Arius. The adventures of Elizabeth, Maginn, Rao and the Lunar Society will continue in book two of the Bête Noire trilogy, The Demon Ape. Highly recommended for fans of the supernatural secret histories of Tim Powers, the steampunk Victoriana of Alan Moore and the Gothic romance of Edgar Allan Poe.

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Sex & Sorcery: Volume 1


Sex & Sorcery: Volume 1 presents eight brand new erotic fantasy stories for all tastes:

  • “Born To The Forest” by AW Freyr – Deep in the forest, Aelan encounters a woman growing in an ash tree. Has he finally found another of his kind?
  • “Elvish Inquisition” by Victoria Arius – Pain and pleasure blur in a world of religious persecution and unrestrained passion where a young elf must uncover a dark conspiracy.
  • “Norn’s Cavern” by EC Revelle – A bold adventurer dares to enter Norn’s cavern to slay a monster but finds all is not what it seems.
  • “Queen’s Gambit” by Belinda LaPage – Pride comes before a fall for a rapacious nobleman bent on domination.
  • “Dark Wood” by DA King – The fairies of Fair Wood turn foul as the wicked Queen Morgana corrupts the land.
  • “The Troop” by FV Meyer – The newest recruit shows her love for her fellow troopers as they seek rest and recuperation during the war of the chase.
  • “Judgment’s A Bitch” by Guinevere A Hart – Introducing Grand Judicar Galatea in a standalone story set in the same world as The Lady Of Dawn’s Light series, for fans and newcomers alike.
  • “Paying Off A Contract” by John Evans – An exclusive extract from the forthcoming fifth book in the legendary Adventures Of Pervikar series.

Forget sword and sorcery, this is Sex & Sorcery!

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Fencing Academy

Fencing Academy Cover

Destitute and alone, Lyza Dunwall returns to the city of her birth with one thought on her mind: vengeance. But when her fortunes change and she is enrolled in the prestigious Sara Sunderland Academy of Fencing, she soon finds the world is more complicated when you’re rubbing shoulders with the likes of the Duchess Adriana, the most powerful girl in the world. Seduced by the lifestyle of the Rotham elite, Lyza must reconcile her competing desires or die trying. Meanwhile, the Weeping Maiden stalks the streets, revolution is in the air and the malevolent River Blackwater flows slowly past the living and the dead.

Fencing Academy is the darkly seductive debut from fresh talent AW Freyr. The start of a major new fantasy series, it begins the captivating Lyza Dunwall’s remarkable journey of moral, political and sexual awakening against a backdrop of murder, necromancy and swordplay. For fans of the erotic intrigue of Jacqueline Carey and the verbal cut and thrust of Scott Lynch. Lyza’s struggle will continue in Duel To The Death.

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