Arms And Armor



“Give me your strength in exchange for my beauty. Give me your strength in exchange for my beauty. Give me your strength…”

She could have settled for a usual life in her fishing village. She could have kept her name. But as the owner of an enchanted set of arms and armor, she instead went looking for glory as a wandering champion in far-off lands. However, her dreams soon dash against the hard shore of reality.

Wielding a club she knows only as “Kanabo” and wearing a set of armor with a past shrouded in mystery, she is gifted with supernatural powers in return for offering up her body. Half hero for her deeds and half heretic for dabbling with magic, she lives a hard life on the run from the white-robed inquisitors. But will her journey end in fame or infamy? Will her enchanted protectors be her salvation or her damnation? All she knows is that arms and armor are necessary to stay alive in harsh world where corruption, zealotry and ruthlessness abound.

Arms And Armor is a 33,000 word novella from Uruk Press, the best in fantasy and science fiction erotica. Buy it now or read it for free through Kindle Unlimited.