Here Comes The Summer!

I am sneezing and my forehead is peeling which means it must be the greatest season of them all: summer! To celebrate, Uruk Press are bringing you an embarrassment of riches on 1 July:

Guinevere A Hart is back with perhaps her hottest book yet for us, For Want Of A Witch, a science fantasy story for the Uruk Novellas series. Seriously smoking. And we will have more Uruk Novellas news soon…

Nathan Ravenwood continues The Adventures Of Avery Avedaan with The Hive Tombs Of Karkaan. This is the last we will see of Avery for a while but don’t worry, Nathan has got a lot more up his sleeve.

Jamie MacFrey returns with the much anticipated sequel to The Warrior And The Warlock. The first book of the Dragon Jade Chronicle was one of our most popular novels; The Duke And The Dragon is destined to be just as much of a hit.

And Chloe Tzang – who made her debut in Sex & Sorcery 4 – has a new novella out with our sister imprint, Biggest Blade Books. Mistaken Identity is the start of a contemporary erotica trilogy, Three Nights In Shanghai, featuring a good girl who goes very bad.



Valkyrie Vs Valkyrie


Valkyrie Vs Valkyrie – Dragon Cobolt vs Max Keith. Two Uruk Press authors go head to head when each writes the other’s famous character in their own style.

In “Just Like Clockwork”, Dragon Cobolt takes Alorin Kaye, the icy heroine of Max Keith’s Raxillene’s Rogues, for a river boat romp. Alorin’s business is killing but just because she’s on a job doesn’t mean she can’t have a little fun.

Meanwhile, in “Over The Rainbow”, Max Keith takes Megaera the Messenger, the anything-goes star of Dragon Cobolt’s best-selling Purgatory Wars series, on a wild ride. Meet a priapic Heimdallr, visit a seedy Valhalla and discover why you should never trust a god.

Valkyrie Vs Valkyrie: two stories, 22,000 words, two totally different takes on two very sexy characters, all at a permanently low price.

Buy it now for just $0.99 or read for free with Kindle Unlimited!

For Want Of A Witch


For Want Of A Witch by Guinevere A Hart

When Kytia De’Gallyn was a child, she watched in horror as her people eradicated the mage-crafters in an act of genocide. Decades later when the Ay’niki invaded her planet, her people lacked the magic they needed to protect themselves. The planet of Hibreon fell to annihilation.

Kytia was one of the few survivors. Captured and forced to become a galactic gladiator, she rises through the ranks to become Kytia Red Mane, the Coiled Dragon of Hibreon. But all the time she dreams of freedom and taking back her planet and to do that, she will need to find one last witch.

For Want Of A Witch is a 41,000 word erotic novella featuring a badass female protagonist who loves men and women equally and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. With enormous frost giant Wyfrost and petite elf Lost, this scorching threesome (in every sense) will take back what is theirs. The warrior, the barbarian and the witch will set your world alight.

Buy it now or read for free with Kindle Unlimited!

The Hive Tombs Of Karkaan


The Hive Tombs Of Karkaan by Nathan Ravenwood

The adventures of Avery Avedaan continue!

Avery is on a collision course with the Artificer. Summoned by a message from their nemesis, him, Sharr and Zeeto journey to the world of Karkaan to join an expedition and finally unmask their secret foe deep within the planet’s catacombs. But the planet contains many secrets and many foes, including a spectre from Avery’s past come to life. With danger around every corner, Avery and his friends face their toughest challenge yet.

The Hive Tombs Of Karkaan is a 62,000 word erotic space opera novel featuring Avery Avedaan, sexual omnivore and Indiana Jones for the 25th Century. But will this be his last adventure?

Buy it now or read for free with Kindle Unlimited!

The Fourth Plinth: Harry’s Story


The Fourth Plinth: Harry’s Story by Martin Drax

Imagine a world where all men were sex slaves!

The Andrasta Y virus caused only flu-like symptoms in women but in males it was invariably fatal. By the year 2457, the population had declined from a peak of over 7 billion down to just over 2 billion people and there were just three men for every ten women. So it was that what had once been a man’s world had now become a woman’s world.

Danny, Harry and Jim were all born on 15 September 2439 in Breeding Colony Theta. On their eighteenth birthday they all went their separate ways into a world where they are second-class citizens. Harry has spent the last four years as a Consort at Bloomsbury House, one of London’s top ‘Maisons’. In other words, he has been kept as a prostitute by the state.

The Fourth Plinth: Harry’s is a full length erotic science fiction novel featuring female domination, male submission, bondage, corporal punishment and clothed female nude male (CFNM).

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The Duke And The Dragon

the duke and the dragon (topless)

The Duke And The Dragon by Jamie MacFrey

Pol Burr – once the greatest Sorcerer of the age – has been left powerless in the aftermath of the war with the Dragon Clans. A dragon jade arrowhead in his shoulder is disintegrating and will kill him if he ever performs magic again. His only hope for regaining his power rests on myths and legends of the power of dragons. But with the last dragons in the Metropolises having died centuries ago, he will have to travel a thousand leagues across the sea in search of one.

Where Pol goes, Lady Kiera will be at his side, having given up everything to help the man she loves. And following her is the brutal Varomar, a general of the Dragon Clans now sworn to her service. Together they travel to the Island of Ishmere in an attempt to restore Pol to the man he was. But Ishmere is very different society to the Eastern Metropolises, ruled with an iron fist by the Grand Duke of Ogdin who keeps all Sorcerers in bondage. Caught up in political plotting, Pol might not live long enough for the dragon jade to kill him.

The Duke And The Dragon is a 120,000 word fantasy novel combining high intrigue and deep passion. Pol, Kiera and Varomar find many willing partners amongst the action, making this erotic adventure a must for all epic fantasy fans.

Buy it now or read for free with Kindle Unlimited!

The Year Ahead From Uruk Press


This month sees the release of the third book in Max Keith’s Southside Wellness series of contemporary erotica published by our sister imprint, Biggest Blade Books. As if that wasn’t enough, the omnibus edition of Raxillene’s Rogues is also out in both ebook and print.


Then in a couple of weeks The Rings Of Zent, the latest in the Adventures Of Avery Avedaan from Nathan Ravenwood, will be out. And stay tuned because The Hive Tombs Of Karkaan will be out in July. That will be the last you hear of Avery for a while but don’t worry, Ravenwood has got a brand new series up his sleeves.


Then in May Dragon Cobolt will complete the Worldshard trilogy with Champion and EC Revelle will publish Blood Offering, the latest in the Realm Of Reverie. If you want to know more about Blood Offering then check out “Northern Oracle”, the prequel story in Sex & Sorcery 2. And if you want to know what DC has planned next, well, Champion contains a sneak peak of the fifth Purgatory Wars book…


In June, Martin Drax will return with the latest in his femdom future masterpiece, The Boys Of Colony Future. Where will Harry’s story take him?


Finally, in July we will bring you The Duke & The Dragon, the sequel to Jamie MacFrey’s immensely popular The Warrior & The Warlock.

Oh, and we might bring you a few more titles in the Uruk Novella range as well. That should keep you busy, shouldn’t it?