A Fetch Job


Julianna has one simple goal: to be the best damn wizard at Forestdale Academy of Magical Sciences and Clerical Applications of Godly Powers. The only problem is the Six, a clique of mean girls led by Tabitha Sworles, “the biggest overachiever on campus and also the most frigid bitch I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting”, who are making her life a living hell.

So Juli does what any self-respecting wizard would do and summons a demon familiar to help her get even. But something goes wrong. Fetch is crude, rude, obnoxious, muscular, confident, hot as hell… and only three foot tall. Juli soon discovers that size isn’t everything (except when it definitely is) and that revenge is a dish best served very, very hot.

A Fetch Job is a 32,000 word erotic novella featuring a teen wizard exploring her sexuality with men, women, toys, tentacles and, of course, a cocky little demon named Fetch. Expect magic, mayhem and multiple penetration.

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Sex & Sorcery 3

Sex & Sorcery 3 - Final Cover

Forget sword and sorcery, this is Sex & Sorcery! Nine sensational stories featuring over 80,000 words of brand new erotic epic fantasy!

“The Last Mage” by Dragon Cobolt – In the aftermath of an apocalpytic magical war, a wandering scavenger finds hope – and more – with the last surviving wizard.

“All-Mother” by Mak Long – Ancient beyond memory, the shrine of a forgotten goddess weaves together the fates of three women, who might be the salvation of their people.

“A Man Needs A Whore, So…” by Max Keith – Drinn and Cashel are on a vital mission for the Princess Raxillene, the exiled queen-in-waiting, and hundreds of lives hang in the balance. But first they need to make a quick visit to a brothel…

“The Ballard Of Little Bird” by Cyrano Johnson – Among the Faithful, those born Fae are called “Iteni”: the outcasts. For orphaned beauty Cailin this means a life of prostitution under the thumb of a sinister slumlord; a life that, with the aid of her companion bird-spirit Bana, she will risk everything to escape.

“Two Daggers” by Jaap Boekestein – A soldier and a witch cross a dozen worlds to free a backwards planet from a fearsome monster. But which of their weapons will prevail?

“Ice And Fire” by Ben Truman – A haughty female knight and a mischievous demoness set aside their differences to ecape from a monster-filled dungeon.

“The Paledrake’s Promise” by Nathan Ravenwood – Tael has strong feelings for his reptilian companion Janess and doesn’t believe the rumors that she sleeps around. But when his marriage proposal goes awry, he’ll have to come to terms with just how unfettered her sex life really is.

“The Manse Of Magister Revaine” by Jamie MacFrey – Having quelled an insurrection, the fearsome Magister Revaine is throwing a party to celebrate. Disguised as a courtesan for the party-goers entertainment, Vivean will have no problem getting close enough to kill the vicious dictator and take revenge for her home. The only problem: no one has ever seen the Magister’s face.

“Awakening” by Alana Melos – A young wizard faces her final test to awaken her powers and unlock her spiritual and sexual potential.

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