Belinda LaPage

Belinda LaPage is from Sydney, Australia, and hopes one day to write popular, mainstream fiction. She likes stories more than words, journeys more than places, and numbers more than the things that they count. She’s funny, witty, sexy, a terrific lover, and takes puckish delight in writing her own bio. When she’s not writing, Belinda enjoys reading, surfing, time with friends, and buying the wrong shoes.

Sex & Sorcery

sex-and-sorcery-finSex & Sorcery 2 - Final Cover

  • “Queen’s Gambit” – Pride comes before a fall for a rapacious nobleman bent on domination (available in Sex & Sorcery 1)
  • “Queen Takes Knight” – In an ancient land of raven-haired, bronze-skinned warriors, Rose’s red hair and freckles mark her as a pariah. Impossible to love, she will never feel the touch of a man, or so she believes until a stranger is brought to the prison where she tends the cells – a warrior from an alien land, his hair and skin like her own. (available in Sex & Sorcery 2)

Heaven Can Wait


Private investigator Pierra is on the trail of a missing person – a young woman named Becca who disappeared without a trace. She shares with husband Shane her belief that Becca has been abducted to be sold as a sex slave, and her investigations lead her to Heaven Can Wait – a corrupt organisation led by an amoral sociopath.

The truth about Heaven Can Wait, their methods of mind control and transformation, are more stunning than Pierra could have imagined. When she gets too close, Shane races the clock to save her, but will there be anything left of his wife to save?

The Headmaster’s Office


The Headmaster’s Office: It’s hard to predict how your day will play out. For example, “No Panties Tuesday” started as a harmless school prank; I could never have predicted that by lunchtime I would be kneeling splay-legged on the headmaster’s desk, his hand (innocently?) between my thighs just moments away from discovering my nakedness and arousal. And the day was only half over… [Free!]

Mannequin: The game is not to smile and not to move, no matter what they say, or do … or touch. Petite blonde Belinda is an expert at Mannequin; the girls play together in the dorm, and she never loses. They could literally do anything to her, and she wouldn’t move a muscle. Rory is a player too, and he’s determined to have his way. As he gets bolder, the game goes way too long and it gets much harder – Belinda is drenched with anticipation. Things go beyond the point of no return and even though they’re completely unprotected, Rory goes for broke, pounding home for the win. At the final stroke, Belinda is filled with relief, and her unbeaten record is finally claimed.

Sapphic Letters

1 NoteToSelf (cover)2 Hypnotryst (cover)3 Friend Me (cover)

Sapphic Letters is an epic tale of unexpected lesbian romance. It’s the story of a chance spark that kindles into bi-curiosity and transforms the lives of two straight women. Through three scorching books, we see them try to first deny their fantasies, then accept, and finally embrace the explosive, Sapphic lust that threatens to consume them.

Note To Self: Sparks fly when straight moms Anna and Susan meet for the first time. They’re both petite and feminine, but Anna is exotically gorgeous with Mediterranean skin and mahogany eyes, while Susan is a prim and elegant yummy mommy who is blissfully unaware of the stolen glimpses she offers at her silky underwear.

Anna had never felt so wet! How did we even come to be undressed? And the touching!  It had all started out all innocent, but when Susan removed her bra, everything changed. Anna had never been attracted to another woman, but now she couldn’t look away. And nor did she want to! There was something deeply magnetic about sexy Susan, perhaps her alabaster skin or her perky bust, maybe it was sassy bounce of her silky blonde hair. All Anna knew was that for the first time ever, she longed for the touch – and the taste! – of another woman.

Confused, her mind spinning, Anna misses the chance to bury herself in Susan’s soft, feminine curves. But when she’s offered a second chance – an opportunity to explore Susan’s ripe body in the consequence-free safety of a lucid dream – she seizes it and opens herself completely those knowing fingers and the sensual warmth of her womanly lips and tongue. [Free!]

Hypnotryst: Prim and pretty Susan needs help to deal with anxiety. The episodes seem to happen after going out with the girls – beautiful women, dressed for fun with their short skirts and spike heels, their lips and nails painted in stunningly erotic shades of red. Susan is straight and sensible though, and she has no idea what triggers the anxiety … but psychiatrist Dr Tamara Watkins does. Tamara thinks hypnosis might help in the search for Susan’s repressed sexuality, but nothing could have prepared her for what she would find when Susan went under.

It was the forgotten memory of Susan’s first time. Laying back with her eyes closed and waiting for her boyfriend to finish, she feels a new presence, another woman in the bed, soft lips and caressing fingers that know exactly where to touch, driving her to insane heights far beyond anything she could imagine with a man.

Retelling (no, reliving!) the story is a powerful aphrodisiac, and while Susan of yesteryear melts beneath the tender lips of the stranger, hypnotized Susan reenacts every electric touch beneath her sensible skirt, teasing and delving, driving her poor therapist into a volcanic lather, desperate for her own release.

She’s asleep – would she even notice if I …? Probably not. Just a little touch, then.

Friend Me: The Sapphic spark from when Anna and Susan first met has now kindled into a white heat that dominates their thoughts and dreams. Anna doesn’t know it, but they want the same thing – the feeling of another woman, touching, tasting, discovering new ways to fit together their sleek feminine curves – yet neither can confess to the need that smolders within.

The embers spark and flare at a house party; left alone for only a few minutes Anna takes a chance and brings Susan to a shuddering, trembling peak … and then they’re interrupted! Thwarted, frustrated, and not knowing how to tell their husbands, they retreat to the internet and separately they pour out their emotions to strangers.

By chance, they reconnect in cyberspace, however Susan doesn’t recognize the woman at the other end of her chat line, and she uses the safety of anonymity to unburden her pent up desires. Together they live an erotic, online fantasy, a Sapphic spa weekend. Teasing and stripping in the massage room, tender kisses and secret touches in the float pool, and hours of tantric, frantic, buildup to the main event in their suite. Together and alone at last, the star-crossed lovers indulge all of the lesbian fantasies that burn inside them – shaving, tasting, and grinding their smooth, sleek forms in a magical and stunningly erotic first time.