Duel To The Death

Duel To The Death - Final Cover

Duels, assassinations attempts, political intrigue; Adriana graced front pages with fresh scandal each day.

Adriana Challette I, Duchess of Rotham, is in grave danger. Her friend and classmate Lyza Dunwall has revealed herself an enemy, and her rivals rush to take advantage. In an abandoned factory a haphazard alliance is born between new money and old magic, intent on restoring a forgotten covenant. Meanwhile, a father’s rebel legacy bears rotten fruit, and a revolution is reborn.

Lyza herself is drawn into the darkest corners of the Rotham underworld in pursuit of revenge. Who are her true friends and who are those merely seeking to use her as a pawn? She must navigate these dangerous currents, whilst coming to terms with the secret of her own past.

As the restless dead seek their own restitution, uncaring for what the living pay, the city becomes a maelstrom, and in the eye lies the rivalry between Adriana and Lyza. The outcome of their enmity could put Rotham to the torch.

Duel To The Death by AW Freyr explores the world of violent conspiracy, political intrigue and erotic conflict begun in Fencing Academy. The Dark Water series will continue with Depths Of Vengeance.

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