Bells And Buckets

Bells And Buckets - Final

Elf Céde and half-orc Jorak are young and in love and just want a normal life. But life in the magic academy known as the Spire is far from normal. Céde must come to terms with being a powerful sorceress and become the leader that is her destiny. Meanwhile Jorak must choose between becoming a master blacksmith or joining the Shades, an elite military outfit. With all these competing demands, can they find time for each other?

And time is the last thing they have. The Lord of Hordes is tightening his grip on the kingdom of Ardyth’tol. How long before he moves against the Spire and all Céde and Jorak hold dear? Bells And Buckets continues the epic fantasy romance begun in With Good Intent. The Hells Unleashed trilogy will conclude with Devil To Pay.

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