New Novellas From Uruk Partners

It is an exciting time for Uruk Press but also for our partners and we are delighted to be supporting two new novellas.

Sister Act by Max Keith


Southside Chiropractic And Wellness isn’t your average clinic. Downstairs, it is a regular chiropractor; upstairs, it is a high class brothel.

Tori is leaving Southside. She’s just paid off her student loan by hooking but starting a PhD while being a prostitute is too much hard work. So Southside are looking for new talent and Tori knows just the girl. Enter her younger sister Dani. At 19 she is already a bona fide kink-machine and a natural born whore. So much so that Tori can’t resist one final big bucks job: providing some lucky customers with a special two sister deal.

Sister Act is a 35,000 word contemporary erotica novella featuring… everything. The sluts of Southside will return soon.

Possessed by Belinda LaPage


Finally, a device that brings your dreams to life.

There’s something odd about Alicia’s new virtual electronic assistant. She would switch it off—damn thing is only good for ordering pizza and reading Wikipedia anyway—but the device seems to have other ideas, and now she’s afraid of what might happen if she tries.

Things come to a head when it reveals its true nature. There’s a spirit locked inside, calling itself Alexa, and it wants to come out to play. Terrifying? Perhaps at first, but Alexa’s magic is enticing; she has what sounds like a fun solution to Alicia’s man problems. Just say the magic words.

From the hidden depths of Alicia’s subconscious, Alexa summons a being—a man? a beast?—that knows exactly what Alicia craves, and it sets about giving it to her in a potent display, shattering the barriers between fantasy and reality.

Possessed is a daring thrill-ride through the dark corridors of submission fantasy.