The Ritual Of Neccar

The Ritual Of Neccar

Pervikar’s adventures are almost over. Once an innocent farm-boy, the half-ogre has grown into a noble warrior. He has faced gods and ghosts, dragons and dwarves, mages and monsters. He has even taken Queen Shara, the most powerful woman in the world and once his greatest enemy, to bed. Now he has assembled her and his other lovers to take place in the ritual of neccar – the sacred ritual that will see him take on the mantle of his ogre heritage and truly become a man.

But first his mother Karina must recount how she ventured into the underworld itself to bring back a demoness and a dead woman to play their part in Per’s future. She must navigate pirates and foreign courts before entering the nine hells. Along the way, she slakes her thirst for battle with her axe and her lust for sex with her body. The end is in sight but she must confront her biggest challenge yet: being turned into a man!

The Ritual Of Neccar, the fourth and final volume of John Evans’s classic erotic epic fantasy series, The Adventures Of Pervikar, is available for the first time in a new and definitive edition.

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