Pervikar Cover

Pervikar Devon is just an average farm-boy. Oh, except for the fact he is a half-ogre who stands seven and a half feet tall and has green hair. One day Per accidentally incurs the wrath of the queen by protecting two young women from the advances of a corrupt baron, and is forced to flee her assassins.

So begin Per’s adventures. Leaving his home far behind, he sets out to find fortune, fame and female companionship. As he journeys across the strange, magical world of Provost, he encounters orcs and goddesses, mages and ghosts, and even a dragon. Along the way, he learns to be a leader and a lover, and using all that nature has endowed him with, rights a lot of wrongs and beds a lot of women. Per gets his intelligence and compassion from his human mother, and his strength and… size from his ogre father.

Pervikar, the opening volume of John Evans’s classic erotic epic fantasy series, The Adventures Of Pervikar, is available for the first time in a new and definitive edition. Per will return in the next installment, The Rescue Of The Queen.

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