The Rings Of Zent


The adventures of Avery Avedaan continue!

Avery just wanted a bit of planetside R&R with his crewmates Sharr and Zeeto. But a casual hook up with an ekrontean – a mysterious purple-skinned alien race – sets him off on another. Turns out that Rin is a princess and needs to recover to Rings of Zent to overthrow her despotic father. Which is why the empire’s elite troops, the Praxian Guard, and Ilanx, the galaxy’s deadliest bounty hunter, are suddenly on Avery’s tail.

As if that wasn’t enough, Avery needs to confront his true feelings for Sharr, keep the dark secrets of his past locked away and deal with the ever present machinations of the Artificer. Life ain’t easy being a galactic treasure hunter!

The Rings Of Zent is a 67,000 word erotic space opera novella featuring Avery Avedaan, sexual omnivore and Indiana Jones for the 25th Century.

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Welcome to the Sunder, we’ve got fun and games!

Three thousand years after the Endwar, humanity has dragged itself back from the brink of extinction with grit, determination and the might of the Champions. Robotic avatars of their city-states, Champions are fusions of the most advanced technology and a heroic human soul, designed to withstand the mutagenic dangers of the Sunder.

Cee has survived basic training. But can her teammates survive her? After a training session goes awry when Cee’s independent streak leaves her fellow Champions in the lurch, tensions between the Cadre reach near breaking point. Can Cee and her Cadre learn to work together, or will they be struck down by the enemies? Enemies from without Korvosa… and within.

Mixing space opera, steampunk and science fantasy, Cadre is the 52,000 word second volume of the Worldshard trilogy.

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