Hope’s Awakening


Adri, a light-hearted and affectionate elf, is loved by everyone she meets. Even the gods are moved by the expanding radiance of her spirit. So she has no idea why someone wants to kill her. On top of that, her mother and the emperor are missing and no one seems able to do a thing about it. While those around her are tempted to despair, Adri’s faith is enough to propel her forward. Through it all, she is challenged by her love for Krellyn, a brooding dark-elf with a past darker than his flesh. Is her hope enough to save her family, the empire, and maybe even Krellyn?

Hope’s Awakening is the first book in the Lady Of Dawn’s Light series by Guinevere A. Hart, a powerful, erotic adventure for fans of romance and epic fantasy alike. The story of Adri and Krellyn will continue in Hope’s Ascension.

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