Uruk Press is proud to partner with the following publishers:

Biggest Blade Books




Uproariously funny and seriously sexy, Max Keith brings an edge of comic realism to his cheating spouses: Gym Wife, Fool Me Once, Open Wide, IOU and Frenemies. Sexiness intensifies with his Southside Chiropractic And Wellness series: Sister Act, Like Father, Like Son and Wannabe. And check out his fantasy fiction!



Cyrano Johnson is king of interracial erotica. The Honeytrap sees a young white woman become the ultimate slut. Check out his fantasy fiction too!


Court Franklin is the new master of the hotwife story. Check out his novellas A Real Trouper and Controlling Interest now.


Ashley Romero is the queen of good girls and bad boys (the bigger, the better). Except love, lust and, of course, scorching sex. Moving In is out now.

LaPage Publications


1 NoteToSelf (cover)2 Hypnotryst (cover)3 Friend Me (cover)Sapphic Letters - Belinda LaPage


Want to know more about Belinda LaPage? Well, The Headmaster’s Office and Note To Self are completely free so download them now. You can find all of Belinda’s stories here and don’t forget to check out her stories in Sex & Sorcery 1 and Sex & Sorcery 2.



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