Sex & Sorcery 5 – Call For Submissions


Sex & Sorcery 5 is open for submissions! Please make sure you are familiar with the series before submitting and read the guidelines below.

What we want:

  • We want erotic epic fantasy stories. Simple, right?
  • Erotic means sex must be integral to the story. Anything goes – from romance to hardcore – as long as it is sexy and consensual.
  • Epic fantasy means set in another world. No paranormal romance or anything set on Earth please. We love elves and orcs but we are particularly interested in unusual and original settings.
  • Stories means stories. We want characters; we want a beginning, a middle and an end; we want more than just a stroke scene.
  • We want stories between 4,000 and 8,000 words. We may take a few stories up to 12,000 but please query first.

What we pay:

  • We pay $0.01 per word for world electronic rights (up to a maximum of $100).
  • We ask for exclusive rights for two years and non-exclusive rights thereafter.

Full details are elsewhere on our website and submissions will close 1 December. So get writing! Early acceptances are from Dragon Cobolt and Alana Church. Could you join their esteemed company?


Valkyrie Vs Valkyrie


Valkyrie Vs Valkyrie – Dragon Cobolt vs Max Keith. Two Uruk Press authors go head to head when each writes the other’s famous character in their own style.

In “Just Like Clockwork”, Dragon Cobolt takes Alorin Kaye, the icy heroine of Max Keith’s Raxillene’s Rogues, for a river boat romp. Alorin’s business is killing but just because she’s on a job doesn’t mean she can’t have a little fun.

Meanwhile, in “Over The Rainbow”, Max Keith takes Megaera the Messenger, the anything-goes star of Dragon Cobolt’s best-selling Purgatory Wars series, on a wild ride. Meet a priapic Heimdallr, visit a seedy Valhalla and discover why you should never trust a god.

Valkyrie Vs Valkyrie: two stories, 22,000 words, two totally different takes on two very sexy characters, all at a permanently low price.

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Sex & Sorcery 4


Forget sword and sorcery, this is Sex & Sorcery! Over 80,000 words of brand new erotic epic fantasy!

“Rogues In The Night” by EC Revelle – Ky’s neck is on the chopping block, and her only chance at life is robbing the manor of a mysterious recluse. Deep in the house, the master has chained a terrible power. Releasing it could be Ky’s only hope, but the cost might be higher than she’s willing to pay…

“Welcome To The Family by Guinevere A Hart – Alone and isolated, Claire is the only human on an unwelcoming elven island. Then one day a mysterious stranger changes her life forever.

“The Edge Hive’s Prisoner” by Edmund Hughes – After a failed uprising, Glennard Ardstone is imprisoned by Katara, a powerful elven lady and the Empress’s cousin. Vulnerable and at the mercy of his intriguing captor, he’s forced to make a choice between loyalty and temptation.

“The Chained Goddess” by Olivia Matin – A princess seizes control of her destiny and, with the help of her former love, plots to avoid an arranged marriage. However, the ritual they must perform may reveal his dark, inhuman secret.

“Statues And Suitors” by Dragon Cobolt – Brax the Golden will become one of Purgatory’s greatest generals. But first he must fall in love and break a curse.

“Blood Sacrifice” by Chloe Tzang – A sword-fighting heroine betrayed and sold into an arranged marriage by her father meets a hero searching for the girl of his dreams in a story of violence, magic, love and passionate sex.

“Wasted Years” by Nathan Ravenwood – Rorzan hasn’t Sung in years. Now, after a glimpse into another world, he finds an alien music that allows him to Sing again: heavy metal. But what will he gain – and lose – by using his newfound power?

“Valkyrja” by Mak Long – Wounded and alone in a hostile land, a soldier must choose between life and death, duty and sacrifice.

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Sex & Sorcery 3

Sex & Sorcery 3 - Final Cover

Forget sword and sorcery, this is Sex & Sorcery! Nine sensational stories featuring over 80,000 words of brand new erotic epic fantasy!

“The Last Mage” by Dragon Cobolt – In the aftermath of an apocalpytic magical war, a wandering scavenger finds hope – and more – with the last surviving wizard.

“All-Mother” by Mak Long – Ancient beyond memory, the shrine of a forgotten goddess weaves together the fates of three women, who might be the salvation of their people.

“A Man Needs A Whore, So…” by Max Keith – Drinn and Cashel are on a vital mission for the Princess Raxillene, the exiled queen-in-waiting, and hundreds of lives hang in the balance. But first they need to make a quick visit to a brothel…

“The Ballard Of Little Bird” by Cyrano Johnson – Among the Faithful, those born Fae are called “Iteni”: the outcasts. For orphaned beauty Cailin this means a life of prostitution under the thumb of a sinister slumlord; a life that, with the aid of her companion bird-spirit Bana, she will risk everything to escape.

“Two Daggers” by Jaap Boekestein – A soldier and a witch cross a dozen worlds to free a backwards planet from a fearsome monster. But which of their weapons will prevail?

“Ice And Fire” by Ben Truman – A haughty female knight and a mischievous demoness set aside their differences to ecape from a monster-filled dungeon.

“The Paledrake’s Promise” by Nathan Ravenwood – Tael has strong feelings for his reptilian companion Janess and doesn’t believe the rumors that she sleeps around. But when his marriage proposal goes awry, he’ll have to come to terms with just how unfettered her sex life really is.

“The Manse Of Magister Revaine” by Jamie MacFrey – Having quelled an insurrection, the fearsome Magister Revaine is throwing a party to celebrate. Disguised as a courtesan for the party-goers entertainment, Vivean will have no problem getting close enough to kill the vicious dictator and take revenge for her home. The only problem: no one has ever seen the Magister’s face.

“Awakening” by Alana Melos – A young wizard faces her final test to awaken her powers and unlock her spiritual and sexual potential.

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Sex & Sorcery 2

Sex & Sorcery 2 - Final Cover

Continuing the acclaimed Sex & Sorcery series, Uruk Press bring you over 100,000 words of brand new erotic epic fantasy. From spicy to scorching, dark to sweet, these ten stories cover all styles and sexualities.

  • “Northern Oracle” by EC Revelle – Alone and near death, Varia is offered a vision of what might have been and a future that could still be. But can her body endure the Northern Oracle’s price?
  • “A Harem Of Harpies” by Ian Saul Whitcomb – When aging mage Bron and barbarous jackal-man Chortle Bonegrinder encounter females most fowl in the badlands of a savage realm, more than feathers will be ruffled…
  • “The Uninvited Guest” by Elaine Rose – A beautiful widow, her mysterious guest, a first-time lesbian encounter – it’s going to be one hell of a party!
  • “The Victor, The Spoils” by Jamie MacFrey – The Canians have always chosen their alpha males through the Dominance: ritual unarmed combat until one man is left standing. But Vel, the headstrong young leader of her tribe, is about throw tradition to the wind to make sure she gets the right man for the job.
  • “The Summoning” – Lilya Loring – Apprentice wizard Ekron defies his master and uses magic to summon his perfect lover. But is true love under his nose?
  • “Partners” by Ian Blackwood – Gordon and Elirel have been working together for years, ever since the elf saved him from a horde of goblins. He knows everything about his friend and comrade. Oh, except he’s somehow failed to notice that she’s a woman.
  • “Queen Takes Knight” by Belinda LaPage – In an ancient land of raven-haired, bronze-skinned warriors, Rose’s red hair and freckles mark her as a pariah. Impossible to love, she will never feel the touch of a man, or so she believes until a stranger is brought to the prison where she tends the cells – a warrior from an alien land, his hair and skin like her own.
  • “The Dark Ones” by PT Winters – The appetite of the Dark Ones for corrupting virgins is legendary. But myths can be mistaken…
  • “A Shade’s Choice” by Guinevere A Hart – An exclusive addition to the Hells Unleashed universe that reveals the darkly erotic history of Commander Finde, head of Ardyth’tol’s most elite fighting force.
  • “A Thimble Of Sweet Honey” by Zoe Miller – As old loves rekindle and new ones burst into spectacular flame, conscientious faery Myna, carefree runt Kless, and a very lucky surprise guest settle in to enjoy a truly wonderful spring equinox.

So forget sword and sorcery, this is Sex & Sorcery!

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Sex & Sorcery: Volume 1


Sex & Sorcery: Volume 1 presents eight brand new erotic fantasy stories for all tastes:

  • “Born To The Forest” by AW Freyr – Deep in the forest, Aelan encounters a woman growing in an ash tree. Has he finally found another of his kind?
  • “Elvish Inquisition” by Victoria Arius – Pain and pleasure blur in a world of religious persecution and unrestrained passion where a young elf must uncover a dark conspiracy.
  • “Norn’s Cavern” by EC Revelle – A bold adventurer dares to enter Norn’s cavern to slay a monster but finds all is not what it seems.
  • “Queen’s Gambit” by Belinda LaPage – Pride comes before a fall for a rapacious nobleman bent on domination.
  • “Dark Wood” by DA King – The fairies of Fair Wood turn foul as the wicked Queen Morgana corrupts the land.
  • “The Troop” by FV Meyer – The newest recruit shows her love for her fellow troopers as they seek rest and recuperation during the war of the chase.
  • “Judgment’s A Bitch” by Guinevere A Hart – Introducing Grand Judicar Galatea in a standalone story set in the same world as The Lady Of Dawn’s Light series, for fans and newcomers alike.
  • “Paying Off A Contract” by John Evans – An exclusive extract from the forthcoming fifth book in the legendary Adventures Of Pervikar series.

Forget sword and sorcery, this is Sex & Sorcery!

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