Space Princess: Season One

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The galaxy is full of wonder and adventure, but it can get cold and lonely in the depths of space. That’s why the gorgeous ladies of Space Princess Entertainment are on a mission of pleasure. No challenge is too big, no planet too distant and no party too wild! Let love rule among the stars!

Space Princess: Season One by Cyrano Johnson brings together the five out of this world Space Princess novellas into one outstanding omnibus:

But that’s not all. Space Princess: Season One also contains never before seen Special Features:

  • “Whom Palaces Delight” – A ‘Pocket Rocket’ Bonus Adventure
  • Space Princess Entertainment: Treat Yourself Royally!
  • The Interstellar Chillhouse Glossary

And here is a sneak peek of Space Princess Entertainment:  Treat Yourself Royally!

“Simply the best. That is our commitment to you at Space Princess Entertainment. Whether it’s your first voyage with us or your hundred-and-first, we are always focused on delivering the highest standard of comfort, safety, enjoyment, wonder, and satisfaction. Let us show you what an entertainment company can do when it’s run by people dedicated to hard work and an indefatigable sense of ethical, law-abiding fun.

“Accept no substitutes, tolerate no imitators. Book your vacation today and treat yourself royally!”

– Admiral Mance Boone, General Director, Space Princess Entertainment (Ultd.)


The youngest woman ever promoted to the captain’s chair of a Space Princess liner, the lovely and talented Titania Hollander hails originally from Kenton, Ohio in the Reclamation Zones of the Former North American Union. From these humble beginnings she has forged a distinguished career as a true luminary of interstellar exotic entertainment. Today she’s a trusted leader known for a signature blend of personal warmth and charm, penetrating charisma and steely determination. There’s no other way to put it: Tania was quite simply born to wear the bikini and go-go boots of a Space Princess professional.

Co-workers and crew describe her as brilliant, resourceful, intrepid and resilient. Off the record, the descriptions expand to “busty sex goddess,” “absolute hell on wheels,” “tiger between the sheets” and “the best friend a girl could hope to have”… though with characteristic humility, Tania laughs off the more colourful parts of her reputation.

“At the end of the day, I just want everyone on my ship to dance and laugh and delight in one another; to have fun and live out the motto of the Space Princess entertainer,” Captain Hollander says. She maintains that that motto, “let love rule among the stars,” is the guiding light that makes the Ecstasy and her sister ships the envy of the galaxy.



The Chief Erotic Officer on a Space Princess voyage is equal parts trainer, choreographer, therapist, friend and confessor to the diverse cast of exotic entertainers who make our company what it is. On the Ecstasy, this role is filled with brilliance and serene steadiness by the inimitable Yilea Oona-yali, known simply as “Miss Oona” or “Commander Oona” to her friends and colleagues.

Commander Oona hails from the planet Thalia, a world with an ancient tradition of spiritually-enlightened sensuality. She’s not just any Thalian, either. Despite looking just as fresh-faced as any of her human companions today—and don’t go asking her age, gents!—she was in fact an accomplished hetaera or sex priestess on her homeworld long before she joined our company.

Known for her calm compassion, her acuity and her professionalism, Oona believes that bringing love and pleasure to the cosmos is a service to her faith’s Sacred Mysteries. She says she’s proudest, though, of never having lost her sense of play and spontaneity.

If you’re lucky enough to ship with Oona, be sure to sign up for her meu mai erotic martial arts classes, which consistently get rave reviews as an opportunity to sample a colourful tradition of Thalian culture. “I promise a top-notch workout for all my students,” says Oona with a gleam in her eye. “Just bring an open mind and be ready to get some bruises.”



A driven and dedicated young medical prodigy—who also just so happens to be a goddess-like beauty—Dr. Naomi Bell is the senior-most specialist member of the Ecstasy‘s leadership team and the head of the ship’s top-flight medical contingent. Though her crewmates sometimes joke about her by-the-book and minutely-detailed attitude to the job, Dr. Bell is agreed by all to be a byword for efficiency and integrity who is tireless in her determination to make sure that every one of the Ecstasy’s guest and crew get effective and compassionate medical care.

Outside of Sickbay she is, by her own somewhat self-deprecating description, mostly strait-laced in her habits, a bit of a nerd and not always the first person in the room to get a joke. Her colleagues describe her as having an open-hearted joy in life, a loyalty to her friends that’s almost as firm as her commitment to her principles, and a killer delivery of the watusi step.

Raised by a religious family in New New Orleans, Naomi claims to be a conventional soul with pretty ordinary dreams. “I guess I’m like a lot of girls out there,” she says with her radiant smile. “Someday I’ll want to get married, raise a family, stop wandering the galaxy and settle down, you know? Just not today.” For all that, anyone who knows the Ecstasy’s CMO will happily tell you that she’s more than capable of coping with the unexpected, and no stranger to taking a risk when her duties or the well-being of a passenger might warrant it.


Day Of The Bacchae


Day Of The Bacchae by Cyrano Johnson

The S.S. Ecstasy is hosting a peace summit between the United Space Alliance and their old enemies, the Yalkans. When Lieutenant Nuku Vitani flies into a sexual frenzy at a formal dinner, everyone assumes it is her Ustani heritage and the catgirl has unexpectedly gone into heat. But something more sinister is afoot: Captain Titania Hollander’s crew are being deliberately infected.

Soon the Space Princess crewgirls, who have so often found strength through submission, are transformed into femdom furies! Will Chief Flynn and the men of the S.S. Ecstasy make it through alive and intact? Can Captain Hollander and her girls overcome their nymphomania to unravel a conspiracy that threatens to trigger another war?

Caution: The Space Princess series contains extreme sexual content and graphic depiction of mind control and otherwise dubious consent. Never fear! The crew of the S.S. Ecstasy always triumph over adversity.

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Summerland Blues


Summerland Blues by Cyrano Johnson

The Summerland should be a paradise – a resort planet designed by one of history’s greatest world-architects, Kan “Sender” Matsuhara. No one has heard from “the Master” in decades and he was assumed dead, but now the crew of the S.S Ecstasy will be the first people to visit his masterpiece.

Time has not been kind to Matsuhara, though; and if he is hiding secrets, then even darker things lurk in the idyllic landscape of the Summerland. A world that at first seems to make dreams come true and sexual fantasies a reality soon turns into a nightmare for crew and passengers alike. But this isn’t the first time Captain Titania Hollander has been in a sticky situation, and you can bet your bottom dollar the Space Princess girls are going to come out fighting.

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Caution: The Space Princess series contains extreme sexual content and graphic depiction of mind control and otherwise dubious consent. Never fear! The crew of the S.S. Ecstasy find strength even in submission and always triumph over adversity.