Ill-Met By Moonlight


The galaxy is full of wonder and adventure, but it can get cold and lonely in the depths of space. That’s why the gorgeous ladies of Space Princess Entertainment are on a mission of pleasure. No challenge is too big, no planet too distant and no party too wild! Let love rule among the stars!

Dr. Naomi Bell, Chief Medical Officer of the S.S. Ecstasy, is ecstatic to be reunited with her Academy mentor, the eminent scientist Dr. Karl Cullen. It is a reunion that promises sexual and scientific breakthrough until the sudden arrival of a nude and threateningly hot alien woman on the ship. Haughty and naive, she introduces herself as Princess Arwyn and claims to be a Faerie, the legendary creatures of Earth mythology.

But is Arwyn as naive as she seems? It is not long until she has Cullen and the rest of the men onboard the Ecstasy under her thumb. It is up to Bell, Captain Titania Hollander and the rest of the Space Princess officers to defeat Arwyn and her diabolical companion Oberon.

Caution: The Space Princess series contains extreme sexual content and graphic depiction of mind control and otherwise dubious consent. Never fear! The crew of the S.S. Ecstasy find strength even in submission and always triumph over adversity.

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