The Year Ahead From Uruk Press


This month sees the release of the third book in Max Keith’s Southside Wellness series of contemporary erotica published by our sister imprint, Biggest Blade Books. As if that wasn’t enough, the omnibus edition of Raxillene’s Rogues is also out in both ebook and print.


Then in a couple of weeks The Rings Of Zent, the latest in the Adventures Of Avery Avedaan from Nathan Ravenwood, will be out. And stay tuned because The Hive Tombs Of Karkaan will be out in July. That will be the last you hear of Avery for a while but don’t worry, Ravenwood has got a brand new series up his sleeves.


Then in May Dragon Cobolt will complete the Worldshard trilogy with Champion and EC Revelle will publish Blood Offering, the latest in the Realm Of Reverie. If you want to know more about Blood Offering then check out “Northern Oracle”, the prequel story in Sex & Sorcery 2. And if you want to know what DC has planned next, well, Champion contains a sneak peak of the fifth Purgatory Wars book…


In June, Martin Drax will return with the latest in his femdom future masterpiece, The Boys Of Colony Future. Where will Harry’s story take him?


Finally, in July we will bring you The Duke & The Dragon, the sequel to Jamie MacFrey’s immensely popular The Warrior & The Warlock.

Oh, and we might bring you a few more titles in the Uruk Novella range as well. That should keep you busy, shouldn’t it?




Champion: Worldshard by Dragon Cobolt

Welcome to the Sunder, we’ve got fun and games!

Three thousand years after the Endwar, humanity has dragged itself back from the brink of extinction with grit, determination and the might of the Champions. Robotic avatars of their city-states, Champions are fusions of the most advanced technology and a heroic human soul, designed to withstand the mutagenic dangers of the Sunder.

The Cadre now functions as a well oiled unit but the time for training and preparation has ended. The Worldshard is within Korvosa’s grasp. But reaching for it will awaken ancient dangers and terrifying secrets, not just within the Worldshard but within Cee herself. Can she discover the truth of her past lives before her future – and the future of all of the Sunder – is lost?

Mixing space opera, steampunk and science fantasy, Champion is the 62,000 word final volume of the Worldshard trilogy. Sexy, funny and out of this world, it is sure to blow your mind.

Buy it now or read for free with Kindle Unlimited!

Blood Offering


Blood Offering by EC Revelle

Commander Varia faces an uncertain future. Her mercenary band, the Sure Blades, and the remnants of Lena va Maru’s army are holed up in the Shrine of Aru deep in the midst of winter. Lena has the strongest claim to the throne but her cousin Rendel has the strongest army.

But the battle ahead might be the least of their problems. Powerful magical forces are at play, forces that will cause women to give into their desires and men to indulge their darkest fantasies. Forces that will change their lives for ever…

Blood Offering is a 30,000 word erotic epic fantasy novella set in the Realm of Reverie. Action-packed and horror-tinged, it features a trio of protagonists breaking personal taboos to satisfy their lusts and unlocking dark magic in the process.

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