John Evans

John grew up on Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Jules Verne and Greek mythology which began a life-long fascination with fantasy and science fiction. As well as collecting fairy tales, folk tales and myths from around the world, he became an avid role-player. It was one night’s play, after too many beers, that he had the initial idea for Pervikar. The story took off from there and eventually became his classic erotic epic fantasy series The Adventures Of Pervikar.

The Adventures Of Pervikar

John’s classic erotic epic fantasy series, The Adventures Of Pervikar, is available for the first time in a new and definitive four volume edition, exclusively through Uruk Press.

Pervikar Cover

Pervikar Devon is just an average farm-boy. Oh, except for the fact he is a half-ogre who stands seven and a half feet tall and has green hair. One day Per accidentally incurs the wrath of the queen by protecting two young women from the advances of a corrupt baron, and is forced to flee her assassins.

So begin Per’s adventures. Leaving his home far behind, he sets out to find fortune, fame and female companionship. As he journeys across the strange, magical world of Provost, he encounters orcs and goddesses, mages and ghosts, and even a dragon. Along the way, he learns to be a leader and a lover, and using all that nature has endowed him with, rights a lot of wrongs and beds a lot of women. Per gets his intelligence and compassion from his human mother, and his strength and… size from his ogre father.

Rescue Of The Queen

Perikar Devon’s adventures have taken him from one side of the world to the other. He’s learned much but lost everything so, tired and weary, he returns to the Capitol in search of his friends. But before he can find them, he witnesses the kidnap of Queen Shara – the woman who tried to have him killed.

Knowing he will be unfairly blamed for her disappearance, Per resolves to rescue her. She almost murdered him, now he must save her life! Heading out of the city, he starts a long journey that takes him from a magistrate’s perverted dungeon to an orgy in a far off dwarven fortress. Will he be able to must fulfill a prophesy and overcome powerful sex magic to rescue the queen?

Karina's Quest Cover

Karina Devon hasn’t seen her son Pervikar for over a year, ever since Queen Shara tried to have him killed. Then, out of the blue, she receives a summons from Per’s ogre father, Gar. He tells her that Per must take part in the ritual of neccar, where he must mate with every woman he has ever had sex with. If he fails to complete the ritual, the ogre god Ahhspah will take his soul. Unfortunately, Per has been a busy boy and has sown his seed across the world of Provost. So Karina must set off on a quest to reunited him with his past loves. All of them. Then there is the small matter of finding her son.

The Ritual Of Neccar

Pervikar’s adventures are almost over. Once an innocent farm-boy, the half-ogre has grown into a noble warrior. He has faced gods and ghosts, dragons and dwarves, mages and monsters. He has even taken Queen Shara, the most powerful woman in the world and once his greatest enemy, to bed. Now he has assembled her and his other lovers to take place in the ritual of neccar – the sacred ritual that will see him take on the mantle of his ogre heritage and truly become a man.

But first his mother Karina must recount how she ventured into the underworld itself to bring back a demoness and a dead woman to play their part in Per’s future. She must navigate pirates and foreign courts before entering the nine hells. Along the way, she slakes her thirst for battle with her axe and her lust for sex with her body. The end is in sight but she must confront her biggest challenge yet: being turned into a man!


Spring Cleaning

We’ve had a great first year but now that we’ve grown it is time to do some spring cleaning to help readers find exactly what they are looking for. So over the coming weeks we will be creating a series of dedicated author pages as well as launching three new imprints. And we will also be announcing some exciting new titles in the near future. Stay tuned!