Morgana of the Black Moon. Harbinger of Hell, Ransacker of the Righteous, Violator of Virgins. Her titles number as many as her sins, her infamous cruelty only matched by her unsurpassed beauty, renowned and feared throughout the land for her mastery of sorcery and seduction.

But, dear reader, she was not always so. Before she enshrouded the kingdom in darkness, before she forged the Black Knight, before she was Morgana of the Black Moon, she was… Morgana. Simply Morgana. Born from a humble coven of simple means, named after one of the greatest witches in history, the young Morgana began her tutelage under the great Voroven, the oldest living disciple of Merlin himself! This is her story…

DA King is a writer and painter who favors pulp sci-fi and fantasy, a baroque aesthetic and erotic transformations akin to those seen in cheesy 1980s horror movies. Morgana, a tongue-in-cheek tale of evil, good and very large breasts, is his first novel.

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