Sex & Sorcery 5 – Call For Submissions


Sex & Sorcery 5 is open for submissions! Please make sure you are familiar with the series before submitting and read the guidelines below.

What we want:

  • We want erotic epic fantasy stories. Simple, right?
  • Erotic means sex must be integral to the story. Anything goes – from romance to hardcore – as long as it is sexy and consensual.
  • Epic fantasy means set in another world. No paranormal romance or anything set on Earth please. We love elves and orcs but we are particularly interested in unusual and original settings.
  • Stories means stories. We want characters; we want a beginning, a middle and an end; we want more than just a stroke scene.
  • We want stories between 4,000 and 8,000 words. We may take a few stories up to 12,000 but please query first.

What we pay:

  • We pay $0.01 per word for world electronic rights (up to a maximum of $100).
  • We ask for exclusive rights for two years and non-exclusive rights thereafter.

Full details are elsewhere on our website and submissions will close 1 December. So get writing! Early acceptances are from Dragon Cobolt and Alana Church. Could you join their esteemed company?


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