Here Comes The Summer!

I am sneezing and my forehead is peeling which means it must be the greatest season of them all: summer! To celebrate, Uruk Press are bringing you an embarrassment of riches on 1 July:

Guinevere A Hart is back with perhaps her hottest book yet for us, For Want Of A Witch, a science fantasy story for the Uruk Novellas series. Seriously smoking. And we will have more Uruk Novellas news soon…

Nathan Ravenwood continues The Adventures Of Avery Avedaan with The Hive Tombs Of Karkaan. This is the last we will see of Avery for a while but don’t worry, Nathan has got a lot more up his sleeve.

Jamie MacFrey returns with the much anticipated sequel to The Warrior And The Warlock. The first book of the Dragon Jade Chronicle was one of our most popular novels; The Duke And The Dragon is destined to be just as much of a hit.

And Chloe Tzang – who made her debut in Sex & Sorcery 4 – has a new novella out with our sister imprint, Biggest Blade Books. Mistaken Identity is the start of a contemporary erotica trilogy, Three Nights In Shanghai, featuring a good girl who goes very bad.