Separate Ways: Harry’s Story

Separate-Ways-Harry (1)

Imagine a world where all men were sex slaves!

The Andrasta Y virus caused only flu-like symptoms in women but in males it was invariably fatal. By the year 2457, the population had declined from a peak of over 7 billion down to just over 2 billion people and there were just three men for every ten women. So it was that what had once been a man’s world had now become a woman’s world.

Danny, Harry and Jim were all born on 15 September 2439 in Breeding Colony Theta. Now, on their eighteenth birthday, they are about to embark on their journey to the outside world. A world in which they will be second-class citizens. This is Harry’s story…

Most men wouldn’t complain about having a larger than average penis. But Harry isn’t a man, he’s a male, and the size of his malehood means that when he leaves Colony Theta, he is forced to become a Consort, a Government-sponsored prostitute. Trained for a life of sexual servitude, his virginity is put up for sale to the highest bidder and he is publicly deflowered. Follow Harry’s story as he learns about the strange and disturbing matriarchy of 25th Century Britain.

Separate Ways: Harry’s Story is a full length erotic science fiction novel featuring female domination, male submission, bondage, corporal punishment, clothed female nude male (CFNM), chastity and orgasm denial. The Boys Of Colony Theta will continue with Separate Ways: Jim’s Story.

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