The Boys Of Colony Theta – Cover Reveal

Separate-Ways-Danny (1)Separate-Ways-Harry (1)Separate-Ways-Jim (1)

Imagine a future where all men are sex slaves!

Andrasta Y, named after a warrior goddess of the ancient British Iceni tribe, was a sophisticated bio-weapon, a genetically mutated airborne plague that targeted any human that carried a Y chromosome. The virus only caused mild, flu-like symptoms in women but in males it was invariably fatal.

By the year 2457, the population had declined from a peak of over 7 billion down to just over 2 billion people. There were just three men for every ten women but, thanks to the efforts of those running the breeding programs, their numbers were increasing steadily. It simply became a fact of life that in order to have a child, a woman was drafted into the global breeding program and ordered to report to one of the world’s 24 main breeding colonies where she was assigned a donor male to have sex with and then bear his child until it could be born in the safety of the colony.

So it was that what had once been a man’s world had now become a woman’s world. A world into which were born three boys on 15 September 2439 in Breeding Colony Theta. Their names were Danny, Harry and Jim and they were about to embark on their journey to the outside world. A world in which they would be second-class citizens.

These are their stories…

The Boys Of Colony Theta features female domination, male submission, bondage, restraint, corporal punishment, clothed female nude male (CFNM), chastity, orgasm denial and CBT. The first volume, Separate Ways: Danny’s Story, will be published on 1 October 2016.