Hilo’s Tower Tales

You can call me Hilo. Everybody does, eventually. My name is actually Ahiloquiin, and I’m a Son of Goja, for all that’s worth. Your people might call me a demon, and I suppose, in some ways, you’d be right. I know, I know. I look more like a disheveled, worn out elf than a demon. But this is the shape I like to get drunk in, and this is the shape I like to tell stories in. So, pass the bottle, and have a listen. I think you’re going to like this one.

Hilo’s Tower Tales is a new series of free short stories by Guinevere A Hart set in the Hells Unleashed universe.

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“Kami Gets It”

Mordas tied his long silver hair into a knot and glared hard at Kami. “Yes. Now, Miss Dolvith, you’ve already earned fifteen strikes for forgetting your High Scepter. If I have to undress you myself, I will add another five. Strip, bend over the desk, and take your spankings.”

Kami shook off her moment of shock and quickly took off her clothes. If this was a game, she knew how to play her role well enough. She wiggled her butt for him as she took her panties off, but he showed no indication of amusement, except for the slight twitching of his cock. She leaned on her elbows over the desk, standing on her tip toes to get her ass as high as she could. He was walking around behind the desk again, so she pushed her upper arms against the sides of her breasts and opened her forearms, giving him a nice view of deep, soft cleavage. She pouted up at him and said, “Must you spank me, High Scepter? I’ll be such a good girl from now on. I promise.”

She got a smirk from him then, and a short laugh. “Oh, I’m sure I must spank the Hells out of those pretty buttocks. And you know you’re much too naughty to make promises like that.”

“Lend A Hand”:

Moira found it hard to focus on the exercise that morning. She started out horny, and concentration was made even more difficult as she used her Power. She couldn’t stop thinking about the great big treat she had for herself after the session. It waited for her in her bag: a foot long, lacquered wood, beautifully carved, cock. Kami had helped her pick it out. When she confessed she couldn’t afford it, her friend bought it for her.

Kami was the only one who knew of Moira’s secret desire for the half-orc, Jorak. He stank of sweat and metal, and his tusks made her nervous. Not to mention, he was all Céde’s. It wasn’t like she wanted to marry him or anything. What Moira really wanted was the cock she imagined was in his pants. When Kami came back from her ritual thing, she had cornered Moira and described, in delicious detail, the orc-blood’s dick. Since then, Moira had been spending a lot of time with herself, working her way up to the gorgeous monster her friend had given her.

She had an empty conference room all picked out, and as soon as the commander released their class, she headed for it. She could have gone with the others to the orgy. It might have been nice to share her new toy with someone, but it was her first time with something that big, and she wanted it to herself. Besides, if she chickened out, she had no one to make fun of her.

She walked around the long table and sat her bag down. Taking out a small blanket, she unrolled it on the floor. She took her treasure from her bag and unwrapped it. She licked her lips and ran her fingers over the mushroomed tip and down the long shaft. The artist had carved thick veins and had given the piece a fine attention to detail. She glanced around the room one more time, confirming that no one would see her. With a smile, Moira put out her tongue and licked the head of the dildo. She wriggled the tip of her tongue under the rim and softly giggled. She whispered, “Mmm, do you like that, Jorak?”

Hilo’s Tower Tales will continue so keep an eye out. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Guin’s debut novel, Hope’s Awakening, is also now available from Amazon for free!