With Good Intent by Guinevere A Hart – Prologue

The Spire, White Range Mountains

A high white tower, ancient as the world, thrust from the side of a great mountain to caress a star-filled midnight sky.  Summer had barely kissed the mountains, rivulets of water only just beginning to rush between snow covered banks.  Piles of ice-crusted snow still cradled the base of the tower.  The wind swirled glittering crystals round and round to the top of the Spire.  There, the dome was opened, and the great lens of the tower’s celestial observatory protruded to study the closest of Velith’s three moons.

Mordas Amorgahn, High Scepter of the Spire, reluctantly looked away from the eyepiece of the telescope to make notes in his ledger.  He looked again at great green Goja, the largest of the three moons of his beloved planet, Velith.  Not for the first time, he wondered at the lights he saw on the moon’s surface and cursed his limits.  He could stare for hours, but nothing would change the fact that he would never know.  Accepting defeat again, Mordas sat back and worked the wheels of the mechanism.  Making a few small adjustments, he was able to see little grey Kria, the smallest moon.  It would not be long before that distant moon moved into a position behind Goja.  It was not a night for Mina, the mottled mid-sized moon, though he could see in his mind’s eye where the celestial body was.  In just one year, there would be a celestial alignment not seen for thirty six hundred years.  The twin suns, Artath and Bremorah, would align with Velith and her three moons.

Mordas sighed and flicked his dark, tapered ears in irritation.  People tended to become deranged when such things happened.  The history texts, such as they were, said that thirty six hundred years ago, the world nearly came to an end.  He wondered if such a thing could happen again.  He turned to the raven perched on the back of his chair.  “Any predictions for our future, my old friend?”

The emerald necklace that Kruptos, the raven, wore caught the lamplight as it cocked its head at the arch-mage.  “Open your mind, Master Mordas.  Do you not feel the stirrings of your waking Goddess?  The future is the past.”

Mordas wanted to ask his familiar to clarify his statement, but a slight tingle ran up from the balls of his feet to the top of his head.  There was a disturbance in the tower.  He closed his eyes, sending sensitive tendrils of his mind throughout the Spire and located the trouble.  “The damn summoning chamber again.  I’m getting far too old to deal with these young people, Kruptos.”  Ethical Arcana was a required first year course, and yet, Mordas found that he constantly needed to reteach these simple lessons.  The children hardly ever gave him trouble.  It was the young adults that thought it alright to bend and break the rules.  Not for the first time, he wondered if he should just put them all out of the tower as soon as they came of age.

The raven ruffled his feathers and chuckled at the aged dark-elf.  After Kruptos hopped onto Mordas shoulder, the arch-mage stood and gestured his staff into his hand.  With another simple flourish, he teleported himself and the bird to the depths of the tower.  There, once again, his students were involved in the unauthorized summoning of other-worldly beings.  It was the same thing every time; randy students pulling lust demons through the Aetherium into Velith, with no regard for the consequences.

The summoning chamber thrummed with a sexual energy, as Mordas had expected, but there was something different.  It felt dark to him, something sinister that he could not quite place.  He noticed that the students were all grouped together, rather than pairing off as they normally would.  On the altar, a woman lay between two men.  She gave and received oral pleasures to the man in front of her, while the other man took her from behind.  A third man stood behind that one with his cock buried between his buttocks.  On the other side of the altar, a woman stood pumping her fingers in and out of the rectum of the man being sucked, while yet another man filled her with fingers and cock.  They were a sweaty, moaning tangle of limbs and throbbing bodies, seemingly oblivious to the thing they had summoned to the chamber.

Within their runic circle though, was no lust demon.  It was a thing Mordas had not seen in his lifetime.

The massive being that occupied the circle was covered in matte-black scales and long spines, and a three-pronged tail lashed and whipped behind it.  The beast was striking its own flesh with its tail, opening bleeding wounds that dripped black in a steadily growing puddle on the floor.  In the shadowed face beneath its hood, a row of three red eyes glowed with a fierce determination.  It glared at the orgy, stroking its enormous red cock with one clawed hand, while it pounded against the perimeter of the circle with its free fist.  Gripped in that pounding fist was the battered corpse of the small lust demon the students had intended to summon.  Every time the huge demon struck at the power that contained it, a glowing crack appeared in the defenses.  It would not hold for long.

“Velith, Blessed Mother of All, preserve us!  Kruptos!  Fetch the Shades!”  The raven took wing, phasing through the massive chamber doors as it went.  He prayed the Shades would get there before the demon released itself.  In the meantime, he had to save his students.  Mordas sang a rune and raised his staff high.  When the rune fully formed above the writhing bodies, he spoke the word of release and slammed the staff into the floor.  The rune became gallons of ice-cold mountain water, a deluge that broke upon naked flesh.

The spell over them broken, students screamed and scrambled away from the freezing downpour.  He bellowed at them, “Out!  Get out!”

They ran for the doors, pulling them open to flee from the chamber.  Angered at the loss of his entertainment, the demon redoubled his efforts against the warding.  One of the students turned to look at what they had summoned, and she screamed again.  Mordas dared to turn his back on the monster to push the shaken girl out the doors.  That was when he heard the cracking splitting sound of the magic perimeter giving way.

Mordas spun back around and used the staff to wave another rune in the air.  A second perimeter formed just as the first shattered and collapsed.  The roaring demon let go of his member and slammed both fists against the new wall, where already cracks formed.  All the while, a pool of the demon’s own blood grew to fill the central circle.  Mordas cast the spell again, praying he could hold the thing long enough for the demon-hunting Shades to reach the chamber.

He was relieved when he heard the sound of Shade Findé’s voice behind him.  She was talking to her men.  “It’s trying to form a Portal.  Get around it.”  Then she placed a hand on one of his shoulders, while Kruptos landed on the other.  “Mordas, you all right?”

“Yes, Findé, but that is no lust demon.  What is it?”

The grin on his young kinsman’s face was reassuring.  Her green eyes flashed as she drew her Hellstone blades and said, “It’s dead, in a minute.  Get out of here, and go see to your students, Mordas.  Leave this to us.”

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