Guinevere A Hart

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Guinevere is a wife, mom, writer, and artist. She lives in the south central US with her awesome husband, great kids, a Yorkie with ADHD, and a neurotic Chihuahua. With a love for words, and for all things fantasy and science fiction, she has been creating stories since childhood.

Lady Of Dawn’s Light


Adri, a light-hearted and affectionate elf, is loved by everyone she meets. Even the gods are moved by the expanding radiance of her spirit. So she has no idea why someone wants to kill her. On top of that, her mother and the emperor are missing and no one seems able to do a thing about it. While those around her are tempted to despair, Adri’s faith is enough to propel her forward. Through it all, she is challenged by her love for Krellyn, a brooding dark-elf with a past darker than his flesh. Is her hope enough to save her family, the empire, and maybe even Krellyn?


Adri and Krellyn are now happily married and living a life of domestic bliss with their daughter Jubilee. But dark-elf Krellyn’s past won’t leave him alone. Two thousand years ago his cause was betrayed and Elelmin, the god of the high-elves, was killed by the locust-headed demon known as the Prince of Winds. The land was sundered, Elelmin’s soul was shattered and Krellyn was caught in the cross-fire. Now the Prince of Winds wants to finish what he started. Krellyn will do whatever it takes to protect his family but for them to survive, Adri must ascend to her true calling.


An omnibus edition, containing both Hope’s Awakening and Hope’s Ascension, is also available in both electronic and physical formats.

Hells Unleashed

With Good Intent - Final

As an exiled elven princess raised in a human town, Mercédeon Aarondale just wants to be normal young woman. But when strange new powers emerge, marking her as a sorcerer, “normal” is forever beyond her reach. She seeks comfort in a blossoming relationship with the local half-orc blacksmith, Jorak, but soon tragedy comes to Silver Crossing and Céde’s destiny becomes clear. Accompanied by Jorak and her scarred guardian Varrin, she must journey across forbidden lands to the magical academy known as the Spire. There Céde will learn to use her goddess-given power and prepare for war against an ancient and terrible enemy.

All the while, the demon god known as the Lord of Hordes bides his time. As celestial bodies align, a gate between worlds will open to allow his armies through. Will Céde and her friends be strong enough to face the hordes or will the world of Velith be plunged into chaos? With Good Intent is the first book in the Hells Unleashed trilogy.

Bells And Buckets - Final

Elf Céde and half-orc Jorak are young and in love and just want a normal life. But life in the magic academy known as the Spire is far from normal. Céde must come to terms with being a powerful sorceress and become the leader that is her destiny. Meanwhile Jorak must choose between becoming a master blacksmith or joining the Shades, an elite military outfit. With all these competing demands, can they find time for each other?

And time is the last thing they have. The Lord of Hordes is tightening his grip on the kingdom of Ardyth’tol. How long before he moves against the Spire and all Céde and Jorak hold dear? Bells And Buckets continues the epic fantasy romance begun in With Good Intent. The Hells Unleashed trilogy will conclude with Devil To Pay.

Devil To Pay - Final


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