Hope’s Ascension


Adri and Krellyn are now happily married and living a life of domestic bliss with their daughter Jubilee. But dark-elf Krellyn’s past won’t leave him alone. Two thousand years ago his cause was betrayed and Elelmin, the god of the high-elves, was killed by the locust-headed demon known as the Prince of Winds. The land was sundered, Elelmin’s soul was shattered and Krellyn was caught in the cross-fire. Now the Prince of Winds wants to finish what he started. Krellyn will do whatever it takes to protect his family but for them to survive, Adri must ascend to her true calling.

For fans of romance and epic fantasy alike, Hope’s Ascension is the sequel to Hope’s Awakening and concludes Guinevere A Hart’s magical, spiritual The Lady Of Dawn’s Light series.

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