Karina’s Quest

Karina's Quest Cover

Karina Devon hasn’t seen her son Pervikar for over a year, ever since Queen Shara tried to have him killed. Then, out of the blue, she receives a summons from Per’s ogre father, Gar. He tells her that Per must take part in the ritual of neccar, where he must mate with every woman he has ever had sex with. If he fails to complete the ritual, the ogre god Ahhspah will take his soul. Unfortunately, Per has been a busy boy and has sown his seed across the world of Provost. So Karina must set off on a quest to reunited him with his past loves. All of them. Then there is the small matter of finding her son.

The third volume of John Evans’s classic erotic epic fantasy series, The Adventures Of Pervikar, is available for the first time in a new and definitive edition. Per will return in the final installment, The Ritual Of Neccar.

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